Why pmpchapterquestions?

Though there are few sites available where candidates can practice PMP questions and evaluate their knowledge, but we are introducing the best practice to prepare for PMP exam.

Everyone do study the PMBOK guide chapter by chapter and the PMBOK itself has different chapters for each knowledge area. Then, why we do not solve practice questions chapter-wise?

PMPChapterQuestions.com web portal is the portal to introduce PMP chapter-wise questions. This will definitely be helpful in understanding the concepts you learnt in each knowledge area. Unless you score more than 80% in every chapter, do not consider yourself ready for the 200 questions simulation exam.

We brought up this idea because we analyzed that everyone want to become perfect in each knowledge area while progressing in studies. Processes given in PMBOK are dependent, So how you can move ahead until you are clear with the previous process? Or how you can go and attempt the 200 questions’s simulation exams until you are clear with each knowledge area and each process in PMBOK?
Currently, we are providing sample questions for every chapter which is available for everyone to verify their PMP knowledge.
Going ahead, we will be adding paid questions for each chapter on PMBOK.